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A Tale of Pig-Nappers in Paradise

Riley Bright has lost his girlfriend and is stalled in a dead end career when he joins his buddy Chick Malor for an evening in the watering holes of Atlanta’s fabled Poncey-Highlands district. He awakens the next morning with a hangover to find he and Chick are on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to the Georgia coast.

There they fall in with an untalented street singer and a Boston blue-blooded yachtsman for a sea voyage down the South Atlantic coast to the American tropics. Along the way strife arises among the crew for the attention of beautiful and strong-willed Capt. Carla Mays, who is in command of the boat.

Riley and Chick are forced to jump ship at Key Largo and catch a ride down the island chain to Key West. Arriving at the island at the end of America, Chick accidentally releases a domestic pig, leading to a brawl between some bikers and locals over the hog.

When the swine is sentenced to castration and life in a petting zoo, the duo reunites with Capt. Mays and recruits a colorful group of co-conspirators in a plot to break the pig out the zoo and spirit it off the island by boat.

Pursued by the local police down Duval Street in the midst of the annual Fantasy Fest carnival, the gang of pig-nappers blunder into a confrontation between the Coast Guard and DEA with a band of smugglers on a strip of sand where a men’s’ choral group is having a rowdy beach party.

It’s the perfect prescription for chaos under a tropical moon!

368 pages                       Paper Back        $12.99                       Kindle Edition      $4.99

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