Brook Trout in the North Georgia Mountains

To find wild brook trout in the Deep South means heading far into the mountains to small headwater streams.  These colorful fish are the only trout native to the region. They need clean, clear water to thrive.

Published 8/10/17


Cold Weather Pompano on the Fly – St. Lucie Inlet, Florida


During the cooler months of the winter and early spring, schools of pompano invade the flats just inside the St. Lucie Inlet in southeast Florida. Marcia Foosnar then wades these shallows tossing flies to hook these rugged little fighters. All of the action is sight casting is water less than 2 feet deep!

Published April 3, 2017

Wild Brook Trout on the Rose River


The Rose River is in the watershed of Virginia’s Rappahannock River and supports a population of wild Southern Appalachian brook trout.

Access is easy to the stream via the Rose River Trail that follows the water upstream into the eastern side of the Shenandoah National Park.